Deleted Assets Show Up in OnBrand Search


Occasionally, you may find that, after deleting some assets from OnBrand, the thumbnail image still appears when searching for them. You may be wondering why these are not being deleted from OnBrand. Trying to open one of these assets throws an error stating that "We could not find the page". 


This type of issue is usually related to indexing on the back-end. In order to have these resolved, you will need to raise a support ticket including the names of the assets that should not appear in the Enterprise Search.


When an element has been removed but still appears when searching for it in OnBrand, this is usually due to the Solr indexes not having been correctly updated. Note that the Admin area in OnBrand and the Content module in Unify use Lucene for their searches, meaning they should be unaffected by Solr issues.


  • Access to the EUW VPN.
  • Access to Passwordstate.
  • The names of the affected assets, as provided by the customer.


  1. Access the Unify back-end for the customer, and head to Content > Indices. Note that some customers may have several groups of indices, such as Local and Remote. For a detailed overview of how to access each customer's environment, see Unify/OnBrand Customer Environment Details.
  2. For each set of indices, you can check existing disparities at the bottom of the page. Select all the items that need to be reindexed by clicking on the checkbox to the left. For the reported issue, Brand Assets will need to be indexed.
  3. Select Reindex items: keep existing index; refresh items for the given range and click submit. Note that you will need to repeat the process for each set of indices. In the image below we would need to perform the process for both Local and Remote indices:
  4. If the issue persists after reindexing, you will need to repeat step 3, but selecting Rebuild index: drop existing index; rebuild from scratch. As this is a resource-intensive process, you should communicate with the customer to schedule a time to rebuild the indices that doesn't interfere with their normal operation. Again, ensure you run the process for all available index stores.

Note that indexing can be monitored under Configuration> System Information > Thread Monitor. Once the Content indexing queue reaches zero, all queued-up indexing activity has been completed.




Once the Content indexing queue under Configuration> System Information > Thread Monitor reaches zero, verify that the reported assets no longer appear when searching in OnBrand. Make sure that you perform these tests on the main dashboard, and not the Admin area. This is because, as mentioned before, the Admin area uses Lucene for its search.


After our agent gets back to you, please verify that the assets have correctly been updated and no longer appear in OnBrand when searching for them.



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