Moving Assets to a Different Brand


Occasionally, you may need certain assets to be moved to a different brand. The tools to do so are not readily available in OnBrand, requiring access to the back end if you want to avoid re-uploading the assets manually to their new brand.


This process should be performed by an L2 Agent.

To have some assets moved to a different brand, you will have to raise a support ticket with a detailed list of the assets to be moved, including the following information:

  • The names of the assets to be relocated
  • The source brand, where the assets are now located
  • The target brand, where the assets are to be moved



  • Access to Passwordstate
  • EUW VPN access

In order to move assets to a different brand, you will need to edit the taxonomy for each of the items. The process is as follows:

  1. In the Unify back end, locate the item that needs to be moved to a different brand, under Content > Search.
  2. Click on the Taxonomy Taxonomy icon.
  3. Click on Edit > Check Out.
  4. Deselect the current brand in the taxonomy, and select the target brand for the item. The article Creating a Report Mapping Front-End Brand Names to the Back-End Database Keys will help you identify the back-end name for each of the brands.
  5. Click Edit > Check In.
  6. Click Edit >Activate this version.

Finally, please be aware that Bulk Editing Items’ Taxonomy is possible and may be useful if the request includes assets that share their taxonomy.




Once you have moved all required items, please ensure that they appear in their intended brand before informing the customer that their request has been carried out.


Once our agent gets back to you, the assets should appear in the dashboard of their new brand. 




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