Assets Appear Under the Wrong Brand


When inspecting a brand's assets, you may discover some artwork that has been uploaded but is not supposed to be there. Additionally, the artwork uploaded is from a brand other than the one that corresponds to this particular dashboard.


This type of issue has been observed for certain brands that were added in the past, which reused certain elements from older, archived brands. The recommended solution is to recreate the affected brand to prevent these issues from manifesting again in the future.

If you happen to experience the behavior described and would like your brand to be re-created, please open a support ticket with the following information:

  • The name of the affected brand
  • The assets that were not expected to appear for that brand
  • Any additional request concerning the newly created brand

If you wish to retain your current brand, please understand that the unwanted assets can be removed as per usual, but that there may be other unknown elements that have remained from the old brand denomination.


This issue has been observed for brands that, upon creation request, were renamed from archived brands, instead of having a new brand generated from scratch. This should not occur under the current procedure for Adding a New Brand in OnBrand/Unify.

In order to learn whether this is the case, you will need to explore the ticket history for the affected brand, and learn whether it was created from an archived brand.

To recreate the brand, the ticket will need to be elevated to an L2 agent, who will need to follow these procedures:

  1. Follow the steps from Renaming a Brand to give the affected brand its original name, so it may be identified in the future.
  2. Add the new brand as explained in Adding a New Brand in OnBrand/Unify, using the details for the existing brand.
  3. Perform any requests made by the customer, like relocating the required assets to the newly created brand, if any.
  4. Once the new brand has been created, follow the steps in Archiving a Brand and its Corresponding Assets to remove the originally affected brand dashboard.




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