Asset is Not Accessible in OnBrand Despite Correct Permissions Being Set


Occasionally, you may experience that an asset is not accessible in the portal, and the page will not load for multiple individuals. You have verified that these users should be able to access and download this asset.


A likely cause for this issue is that the asset has become corrupted in the system. In order to resolve this, it will be necessary for you to open a support ticket with the following information:

  • Name of the asset
  • If possible, the URL that contained the asset
  • User account(s) with which you have attempted to access it
  • Permission to reupload the asset and archive the old version. Note that this may be required in order to resolve your issue.

Once our agents identify the reason why this issue is occurring, they will attempt to retrieve the asset from our servers and get back to you with the relevant information. Note that the asset may need to be relocated to a new URL within the site.



  • Access to Passwordstate

Some additional symptoms that will help you identify that this issue is occurring are the following:

  • The asset is accessible and can be downloaded in the Unify back-end
  • The same asset is not available in OnBrand, even when accessing it as an administrator with the right permissions
  • Reindexing does not make the asset accessible

The current known solution for this issue is to reupload the asset and archive the original, which is now causing issues.


  1. Locate the asset in the Unify back-end, under Content > Search.
  2. Download the asset and save it to your local storage.
  3. Reupload the asset as explained in OnBrand: Asset Uploading.
  4. Verify that the newly uploaded asset is accessible as expected. Please refer to Assigning and Correcting Permissions for Users in the OnBrand Portal if need be.
  5. If permission was granted and the new asset works as expected, proceed to archive the corrupted asset in the back-end. You can do this by selecting the asset then clicking on Actions > Delete Selected Item:



Once our agents get back to you, you should be able to access and download the newly uploaded asset as expected by following the URL provided in the response.



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