OnBrand Customization and Change Requests


Our customers are occasionally interested in changing the layout or design of their Brand Center. While Changing the Content of an existing Page or Replacing an Asset on the Brand Center can be easily done by any administrator, more complex customization requests, as well as those that affect the base interface of the dashboard will require changes to be performed by specialized agents.


Customizations of the base layout and interface of the OnBrand portal are outside of Customer Support scope, and are instead carried out by Professional Services. However, you can raise a support ticket with the details of your request, and our agents will ensure that it is attended to by the right team.

Please include the following in your ticket:

  • Areas that need to be modified
  • A detailed description of the desired change
  • If possible, URLs of the pages containing the elements to be modified
  • If possible, reference images or screenshots that may assist us in understanding your request


As this type of request is outside of Central Support scope, you will need to elevate this type of request as explained in the article Escalating Tickets to Ignite Business Unit.

Please refer to the Unify/OnBrand Routing Table for more information.




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