Non-Admin User Cannot Access Brand Assets and/or Dashboard Despite Correct Access Permissions Set


A non-administrator user cannot access a specific brand's assets and other dashboard elements while having the correct access permissions set in the front and back-ends, as described in Assigning and Correcting Permissions for Users in the OnBrand Portal. Removing and re-adding access rights does not resolve the issue. Additionally, administrator accounts are able to access the dashboard and brand assets normally.

This occurs for all user accounts of a given user type. If the issue affects a single account, please refer to End-user Cannot Access the OnBrand Portal, which contains details on how to resolve issues related to account corruption.


This issue appears to originate upon creating a new brand. The currently known solution is to archive the brand and re-create it. You will need to raise a support ticket, so that our agents may look into carrying out the steps required. Please include the following in your request:

  • Name or email of a user with the affected account type
  • The dashboard/brand they are trying to access
  • Permission to archive the affected brand and re-create it
  • Any additional requirements, such as the need to preserve a certain banner or color scheme



  • Access to the Unify back-end
  • Access to the EUW VPN
  • Access to PasswordState
  • The name of the affected brand
  • Permission to archive the affected brand and re-create it
  • Name or email of a user with the affected account type

The Unify/OnBrand Access Guide provides the information necessary to obtain the access permissions. Note that the article Unify/OnBrand Customer Environment Details contains information on how to access the relevant environments.

Additionally, the article Managing User Accounts in OnBrand/Unify can be used to confirm that the user account is properly configured, and replicate the issue it with a dummy account of the same type.


  1. Archive the affected brand as explained in Archiving a Brand and its Corresponding Assets
  2. Re-create the brand as explained in Adding a New Brand in OnBrand/Unify

Note that customers may request that some of the changes they have performed on the affected brand are carried forward to the re-created brand, such as color schemes and banners.



After re-creating the brand, verify that user accounts with the affected account level can access the brand's assets. Please, ensure that the reporting users are now able to access the brand as expected before the ticket is closed.



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