PDF Preview and Scrolling Thumbnail do not display correctly


This article explains how to solve the issue of PDF previews and scrolling thumbnails not working properly with Unify versions 4.6 and older.

Customers which are using Unify version 4.6 and older may experience an issue with previews generated for PDF or document files, due to an inability to process the XML files generated by the latest Marchena (AWS). This is a known issue in Unify versions prior to 4.7.


The permanent solution is to upgrade the Unify back end to version 4.7 or higher. The screenshots below show the Unify version on the top left when logged in (note that not all customers have administrators capable of accessing Unify):

unifyversion.png      unifyoldversion.png

If you wish to upgrade your platform to the newest version, please consider raising a support ticket, and our agents will guide you through the process.

If for any reason, upgrading is not an option, a workaround exists that will also require raising a support ticket. Please make sure to include links to the affected assets.


In order to apply the workaround, once you have the URLs for the affected items, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Retrieve the Item ID for the affected asset and search for the same ID in the Unify back-end in order to get more details on it:
    To search for the Item ID, navigate to Content > File Stores > Brand Assets on the Unify portal, and use the following syntax based on the Item ID in the search box on the right:

  2. The details of the asset need to be retrieved based on the inspect element attributes. These will be useful in identifying the content and derived files for the item on the back-end servers.

  3. Copy the element and paste it into any text editor.
    Take note of the ITEM_VERSION and COLLSPECT_ENT_ID as these attributes will be useful in identifying the file on the back-end server for further activity. 

  4. Make sure that the correct service ID is being worked upon. File services can be found on Unify as you navigate to Content > File Stores > Brand Assets. Once you are there, use the Edit option to get to the File Services option.
    In the case of PDF thumbnails, the ID is corresponding to storyboard large. In the example above, the derived File Service ID is 61.

  5. To resolve this, access to the back-end is required. A SaaS agent will need to remove the XML files generated by Marchena (Unify's image processor). This is done by logging into each of the assets' folders and deleting the XMLs for the affected version.
    Open a Saas CR under the PLNP project in Jira and provide the following information:
    • File Ids (step 1)
    • Collection Ids (step 3)
    • Item versions (step 3)
    • File Service ID (step 4)
  6. Once the delete operation is done, it will be necessary to flush the XML caches by clicking the "Flush Cache" button under Configuration > System Information > XML Cache in the Unify portal.



The broken thumbnails and pdf previews should now display correctly on the OnBrand dashboard.



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