Reactivating Deactivated Accounts and Resetting Passwords for End-Users


Occasionally, you will need to activate a deactivated user account, or request that a temporary password be set for a certain account for any other reason. This cannot be performed by regular OnBrand administrators, as it requires access to the Unify back-end.

Note that the article How to Reset Your OnBrand Password When Logged into the OnBrand Portal contains the instructions to reset a password for a user that is able to log in to the portal. Resetting Your Password When Unable to Log In To Your OnBrand Portal explains how to reset your own password if your account is still active, even when you have forgotten it.


Since access to Unify is normally not provided to customers, in order to reactivate a deactivated account, or to receive a temporary password for a user account when access to the back-end is not available, you will need to raise a ticket with Support, and our agents will provide you with the required credentials. For security reasons, the request should be made with an email associated with an administrator account for the OnBrand instance. Please ensure to include the following with your request:

  • Name or email of the relevant account.
  • Whether the account needs to be reactivated.
  • Any other related requirements.
Note: if your company is using SSO (Single Sign-On), you will need to contact your Active Directory administrator instead.


Agent-only requirements:

  • The name of the affected account.
  • EUW VPN access.
  • Access to Passwordstate.

Please refer to the OnBrand/Unify Access Guide, which provides the information and steps to follow to obtain the required access. The details of the customer's instance are available in the article Unify/OnBrand Customer List.

Note: before proceeding, make sure that the request has been made by an administrator for the OnBrand instance. You can do this as explained in the article Assigning and Correcting Permissions for Users in the OnBrand Portal.


For users with access to the Unify back-end, the process is as follows:

  1. In Unify, head to Users and Groups > User Realms > [the relevant realm] (usually Combined) > Users.

  2. Search for the email or username for the account that needs to have its password reset or be activated, and select the edit 021.png icon next to it.

  3. Type in the new password in the Password and Confirm password fields.

  4. Verify that the account is active (and activate it if necessary):
  5. Save your changes.



Verify that the account is now accessible by logging into the customer's front-end site using the customer's username and password. The URL for the correct environment is available in the Unify/OnBrand Customer List.

If the account can be accessed as expected, share the password with the requester via side conversation. Please inform them that the password provided should be changed after login for security reasons.


Please ensure that the account can now be accessed using the updated password. For security reasons, the newly provided password should be changed after the first time the user logs in, as explained in How to Reset Your OnBrand Password When Logged into the OnBrand Portal.



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