Import Option Disappeared from TeleScope Web Home


The import option present in TeleScope for allowed users to be able to import assets may sometimes be rendered invisible and affects all of the configured UI skins. OnDemand customers should raise a ticket with support for help with this issue.




The import option is controlled by permissions granted by the Administrator, either directly to the user account, or groups the user is a part of. The import option can also disappear in case there had been any recent changes with the user's account's access level or its group membership. If this is the case then it is recommended to restore their group memberships and check the problem once again.
If there are more users who are experiencing the same issue without similar changes to their accounts or memberships, then this is a system-wide issue.



- TeleScope OnDemand Customer Environment Details: Agents need to access the Web App instances to perform the below actions.


Steps To Fix

If the issue persists with multiple user accounts then it is recommended to restart TSAdmin & TSWeb. The steps to do that are as follows:

  1. Verify from the TSAdmin portal whether any user is working with Telescope. In case there are active users, coordinate with the Administrator to ensure everyone has saved their tasks to continue with the restart or wait for a later time.
  2. <supportagent>Access the environment for the Web App server through the Remote Desktop Manager.</supportagent>
  3. Visit localhost:56789 in a browser to open the WebObjects monitor.
  4. Select the option Detail View for the TSAdmin.tsadmin.png
  5. In the Start-Stop column, you will see two buttons, green and red, which represent each option respectively to either start or stop the specific instance. In the case of restarting, you will need to select the red button first to stop, and after a few seconds select the green button to start.
  6. Once the above steps are completed, open TSAdmin to test whether it is running correctly.
  7. Similarly, select the option Detail View for the TSWeb.tsweb.png
  8. Restart TSWeb by clicking on the red & green buttons, in that order with a gap of few seconds in between, in the Start-Stop column and All Instances row.



Once the services are restarted, please check with the affected accounts and that they are able to see the import option again in the TeleScope UI.




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