There Is No Ingest Broker Available. Please Contact Your System Administrator.


While checking-in files, users might see the error from the article title on the TeleScope user interface if the Ingest Broker is not running. OnDemand customers should raise a support ticket for help with this issue.





- TeleScope OnDemand Customer Environment Details: Agents need to access the App instances to perform below actions.


Steps To Fix

As the error says, the Ingest Broker is not running and hence needs to be restarted. To restart the broker, visit the Windows Services panel & restart the NPS Ingest Broker service. After restarting, observe the broker process to be sure that it is running as expected and has not crashed.

If the broker keeps crashing, please create a support ticket and share the ib.log file as an attachment mentioning the time when the restart and subsequent crash might have happened.


Agents should check the error log file for relevant entries which may give a hint as to why the broker process keeps crashing.




Please try the check-in action again and you shouldn't see the error again.



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