Uploaded Video File Size is Larger Than Expected


Sometimes when a video is uploaded to your OnBrand portal as an asset, you may find the file size is not as small as you would expect in comparison to the file size of the original file.  This article explains why this can occur and the criteria used when compressing video uploads.  



The quality and file size of a video are directly related to bitrate. To make the file size smaller, you reduce the bitrate of the video (compression), but you also begin to lose quality. The trick is finding the balance so you have a faster-loading file and still have a quality viewing experience.

For example, a 400MB longer video is uploaded with a bitrate of 300kb the expected size after compression would not be very much smaller than the original size due to the low bitrate and maintaining the best quality possible.  You can find out the bitrate of the file, depending on the file type, mp4 for example, in the properties/details of the file.  



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