Linking Brand Assets to the Brand Fact Sheets Page in OnBrand


Information on the Brand Fact Sheet page can become outdated and require changing or linking new assets to this page.  This article provides instructions for linking brand assets on the Brand Fact Sheet page in the OnBrand portal.  




Brand administrator permissions must be used.


Use the instructions below to edit the content or link brand assets to the Brand Fact Sheet page:

  1. Log into the OnBrand portal.
  2. Select the specific brand you wish to edit from the Brands dropdown.
  3. Select Brand from the top and then select Brand Fact Sheet from the left.  
  4. To the right of the Brand Fact Sheet title, select Edit.  
  5. Select Edit again from the top right.  
  6. New linked media can be added using the Add Media button in the Linked media section.  
  7. The rest of the content can be edited in the Body section.  
  8. Select Save changes from the top when editing is complete.  



After saving the changes, using steps 2 through 4 above, navigate back to the Brand Facts Sheet page (if necessary) and confirm the changes are as needed.  



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