Users Cannot Access OnBrand Dashboard or Access Correct Instances


When logging into the OnBrand portal you could receive a blank screen or an "Oops...This dashboard may have been moved or deleted.  Contact your administrator for help." or perhaps you can log in but cannot access the instances you have access to.  This article describes a solution for this issue.  



From previous tickets, we have seen some cross-site scripting when the target domain is different from the source domain creating issues when accessing the OnBrand portal from another application, like a CMS (content management system).  

In many cases, you can add the target=”_blank” attribute to your anchor in your CMS if you do not have access to the HTML code.  You should also add  rel="noopener" to every target="_blank" link to avoid a security issue.  If you have access to the HTML code, this should be fixed there by one of your developers.  


Note: This problem occurs when directly clicking the frontend URL link within the 'SaaS-Prod-Frontend' folder as described in the PasswordState section of the Access Guide. Instead, you should open the frontend URL by copying and pasting the URL into a fresh window.




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