Long save times when saving an InDesign document in the Adobe InDesign CC 2020 Xinet plugin for MacOS


When trying to save an InDesign document with the Xinet Metadata ID plugin Adobe InDesign for MacOS, users are experiencing long save times when saving an InDesign document with the plugins enabled. It can take anywhere from 10-18 minutes depending on page count/images.



To temporarily improve the performance of the save feature in the InDesign Plugin you can run the following commands:

These commands are specific to MacOS environments:

  • defaults write com.xinet.indesign.webnative MaxPreviewSize -int 600
  • defaults write com.xinet.indesign.webnative WhichPreviews -int 1

Running both commands has helped decrease save time but the only caveat of switching the WhichPreviews to 1 is that the file previews will not be generated in the Portal.

To circumvent this, you will then need to run the below command to regenerate the previews:

  1. defaults write com.xinet.indesign.webnative WhichPreviews -int 2
  2. Then, save the document to immediately regenerate the previews.

The Support team is aware of this scenario and we have logged an enhancement to our Product Team to provide an improvement on the performance of the plugin in future releases.



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