Uploading a Brand Banner in OnBrand


In most cases, each brand in the OnBrand portal will use its own theme and have its own banner.  When the banner is not showing after upload, the settings when uploaded are usually to blame  This article describes the process for uploading a new banner for a specific brand in your OnBrand portal.  




You must be logged in with an admin account.

You must have the file that you will use as the banner already created. 

  • The dimensions of the banner should be 1980 x 140.
  • A slightly bigger banner with the same aspect ratio is acceptable too, e.g. 2000 x 140. Additional width will simply be left out unless the dispaly is large enough, ie cropped on most displays.


Follow the instructions below to upload a new banner for a specific brand in OnBrand:

  1. Log into your OnBrand instance with an admin account
  2. Under admin settings, select Brand Admin and then select settings
  3. Select Themes and then select Create New Item.
  4. Under Core Info choose the brand the banner is for and a name for the banner.
  5. Select Main Theme and upload the file to be used using the Choose File button. 
  6. Select Navigation Bar from the right.
  7. Set the Primary Background Color to #000000
  8. Select Branding Bar from the right.
  9. Set the Background Color to #0A0A0A. 
  10. Set the Header Height to 140.
  11. When complete, select Save.  



After saving, select Return to Dashboard to see the banner in place and verify it is correct.  



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