TeleScope Uploader Not Uploading Due to Certificate Issues


TSUploader can cease uploading files and get stuck with Waiting to Initialize... displayed in the window. Error messages like these may also pop-up: The connection to this website is untrusted, The certificate used to identify the website is not trusted, The certificate has expired.



Root Cause

This can happen when the SSL certificate of the TeleScope domain can't be verified by the TSUploader application or due to an issue in IIS where when certificate chains are updated but IIS still provides old root CA in the web responses. One such scenario is mentioned in this article.

Steps To Fix

If you're facing this issue, please create a support ticket for more help with this.


Agents should create a JIRA ticket on PLNP of Type: Saas Incident and Priority: High. PLNP-8952 is a similar issue and has a mention of a runbook created for such scenarios.




Once the issue is resolved try to upload with the TSUploader and it should work normally.



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