Picture Wrangler (Indesign 2019 and 2020) does not work with the "Relink to high function


When trying to open an asset from the FPO volume and utilizing the Picture Wrangler's Relink to high function, you receive an error that says that no FPO volume is mounted and therefore cannot relink FPO images to high-resolution images.



This issue has been resolved on Xinet version 2020.7. Please go to this link to download the new version, also, please notice, the fix was only applied to version 2020 of the plugin.


Please follow the below checklist to make sure that the Indesign plugin is functioning correctly:

These articles below are the prerequisites to install the Indesign plugin.

This has been tested on Mac OS Catalina 10.15.5, with Xinet pilot 20.7.31.

  • The environment should be Xinet Server 2020.7 and Xinet Portal 2020.7.
  • Mounted the volume using the AFP.
  • Installed Adobe InDesign 2020 V 15.1.3.
  • Installed Adobe creative cloud Desktop.
  • Installed Xinet Plugins
    • Open Adobe creative cloud Desktop app > Marketplace manage Plugins > then click Install.


Open InDesign then click create new then drag and drop an image from the volume which mounted by AFP.

Click on Plug-Ins > Picture Wrangler > Relink Selected Images to High.

The error message doesn't appear, and the app should work fine. 




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