db_updatewebnativeperm: Could not find group name in db


You may find an error in your at_log file where it states "db_updatewebnativeperm: Could not find GroupName in db". This error usually means that these groups are not found in the database.



Could not find [Group-Name] in db means that the group is not found on the db. Usually it's a group created via AD and not present on webnative.

You can view the available groups for that particular name in the DB via below:

SELECT * FROM groups;

The groups will also be displayed in the groups file:

cat /var/adm/webnative/groups

If there are not tables with that name on the DB. there have been modifications to the database that might be leading to this error message. Find out with the following command:

/usr/etc/venture/bin/dbmgr -D -checkmissingtables

This will try to find discrepancies in the DB schema. If there are differences reported, you can try to amend them with the following command:

/usr/etc/venture/bin/dbmgr -D -updatewnperms

Although the above commands are harmless, It is suggested testing first on a Test instance before running this on the production.



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