User is Listed Under the 'Pending User Response' Tab


When a user creates an account in the OnBrand site when reviewed by an admin, the user is listed under the 'pending user response' tab and the admin cannot approve the user's account.  This article explains why the user is being listed under this tab and how to resolve it.  



If the user is listed under the 'pending user response' tab, it means the user has signed up for an account on the OnBrand site, and the system has sent an automated email to verify the account and needs a response back from the user.  The user must check their email address for this email and follow the instructions inside.  Once this is completed the admin can then approve the user and assign access groups.  

If the email cannot be located or the user is for some reason unable to follow the instructions provided in the email, the account could be corrupted and would require deletion.  Please follow the steps in the End-user Cannot Access the OnBrand Portal/Dashboard article to complete this process and allow the user to re-register for an account.  




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