Newly Created Brand Displays as a Subcategory Under User Permissions


After a new brand is created, You may see when assigning permissions to a user profile it may appear as a subcategory or the black triangle is not present beside the brand in the list.  This article gives steps to resolve this issue.  



When setting up a user to have access to a specific brand, the brand in question may appear like the screenshot below, without the black triangle on the left.  


When this is seen, please open a ticket with Northplains support and provide the brand you are attempting to assign as well as the admin account you were using when assigning.  



Access to the EUW VPN will be required for these steps as well as access to Passwordstate for usernames and passwords to the front-end and back-end sites.  The OnBrand/Unify Access Guide provides the information and steps required to obtain these prerequisites. 

To verify the customer's complaint, proceed with the following actions.  

  1. Log in to the customer's Onbrand instance.
  2. Go to Global Admin.
  3. Select Users. Open any user.
  4. Under Permissions search for the brand and check how it is displayed.
  5. In most cases, from our admin account, this will appear normally as this account will have access to the brand in question. 

    In the screenshot above we can see the triangle is missing on the left side of one of the brand names, which are blocked from view.  This is seen when the user/admin giving access does not have access themselves.  This has to be provided from the Unify back-end and will be done by Northplains support. 

  6. Log in to the customer's back-end environment.
  7. Use the Editing the Groups for Unify Users article to ensure the correct brand is added to the admin user the customer provides.  


Once it has been verified that the user has permissions to access the brand, the brand will show in the brand dropdown and show correctly in the user permissions list.  




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