Can the Samba Module 4.10.4 be installed with Samba 4.10.16 OS version with RedHat 7?


A user was having issues installing Samba Module 4.10.4 on a Redhat 7 OS and after installation, their  /usr/lib64/samba/xinet or /usr/lib64/samba/gensec folders were deleted.



Upon further investigation into the issue, it was determined with a clean install of RedHat 7.8 with Samba 4.10.4 preinstalled, then upgraded to 4.10.16, and installed Xinet 2020.7. Neither of the two routes:

  • /usr/lib64/samba/gensec
  • /usr/lib64/samba/xinet

were located in the Install directory. These routes may have been from release 19 and deprecated on the latest release (2020.7).

Additionally, Samba version 4.10.17 is contained in the Xinet 2020.7.30 release, so it is recommended to continue the upgrade to the latest release of Xinet (2020.7).



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