Disabling End-Users Email Notifications


This article provides instructions for disabling system notifications for end-users that no longer require them.  




Access to the EUW VPN will be required for these steps as well as access to Passwordstate for usernames and passwords to the front-end and back-end sites.  The OnBrand/Unify Access Guide provides the information and steps required to obtain these prerequisites. With that access, you will need to log into the customer's back-end environment.


Note:  Access to the Unify back-end for your OnBrand environment will be required to complete these steps.  
    1. Log into the Unify back-end for your OnBrand environment.
    2. Navigate to Users and Groups > User Realms on the left.
    3. In the main section of the page, select one of the realms (usually combined) and click View from the Users column.  
    4. Enter the name or email of the required user in the search field and click Search.
    5. If you found the required user, proceed to the next step. 
      If you were not able to find the user, select a different realm (in step 3).
    6.  Once the required user has been located, select the user or select edit for the user, depending on the version of Unify.
    7. In the User Details section at the bottom, deselect the checkbox for "Receive email notifications from the system".
    8. Select Save from the top to save the change.  



 After completing the steps above in the Unify back-end, the requested end-user will no longer receive the system notifications.  

Note: Disabling system notifications also prevents the user from receiving password reset link email. Please take this into account if it is needed to reset password when unable to log in to OnBrand Portal.



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