Exporting a Brand's Assets From Onbrand/Unify


Brand assets may need to be exported and moved to another location if, for example, a brand were to be sold.  This article gives instructions on how to export all assets for a specific brand from the OnBrand/Unify portal.  



The Content Export Configuration allows users to export content (data items and file items) from Unify. It is not specific to a single store and can be used to export data from multiple stores.

Content Export uses the results from a search to determine what items it will export. When an export is complete, it is placed in the user's (exporter’s) Order Inbox.


  • Administrator access to OnBrand and Unify backend console.


  • All versions of Unity and VYRE enabled for OnBrand.

Northplains has created a wiki page with instructions for completing this process.  This can be found at this link: Export Configuration



After completing the process on the wiki page, the contents will be exported from OnBrand and available for use as needed.  



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