Asset Unable to be Downloaded From a Collection


You may find you would like to download a collection or the image used to represent a collection but are unable to do so.  This article provides information to verify the collection contains assets to be downloaded.  




Access to the EUW VPN will be required for these steps as well as access to Passwordstate for usernames and passwords to the front-end and back-end sites.  The OnBrand/Unify Access Guide provides the information and steps required to obtain these prerequisites. 


Follow the instructions to verify the collection contains assets:

  1. When logged into the OnBrand portal and select assets.
  2. Select Collections, the phrasing could vary depending on the portal, collections, asset collections, etc...
  3. Search for the collection that is in question.
  4. When the collection is located, ensure there are actually assets inside the collection.  
  5. If there are no assets in the collection, use the Using Collections to Organize Your Assets in Onbrand article to add assets to the collection.  
  6. If the image that represents the collection cannot be found either, it is not an asset and was uploaded when the collection was created.  The person who created the collection, listed with the collection name, will need to be contacted to obtain a copy of that asset.  


Once you have verified that the collection contains assets or the image used to represent the collection is an asset, then the assets will be able to be downloaded.  



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