Changing the Content of an existing Page or Replacing an Asset on the Brand Center


It is often required to update the content or design of an article or modify an existing file or artwork in the Brand Center. This article explains the process required to perform these changes.



  • Administrator access to OnBrand.


Agent-only requirements:

  • Access to EUW VPN (not necessary for all customers)
  • Access to Passwordstate
Note: This process can and should be carried out by the customer's system administrator. However, at times, we receive tickets requesting that we perform these changes for them. While it is important to ensure they are aware of the existence of this article and how the process works, performing the process for them is acceptable if the number of changes is not particularly high.
It is worth noting that some customers have a dev environment where the changes can be tested before it is confirmed that they are as desired.

Details for each of the customer's environments are available in the article Unify/OnBrand Customer Environment Details.



  1. Log into OnBrand with an administrator account

  2. Navigate to the page where content needs to be added or changed

  3. On the page that requires editing, select the [edit] link next to the heading:

  4. The next page will allow you to edit the content of the page. If it is an asset, you will be able to directly modify the properties or upload a new one. If it is an article, you will be able to edit any of the existing chapters or sections, or add new ones, like in the image below:

  5. Once you have performed the changes as required (and saved the edited chapters, if editing an article), you may publish the changes as required:
    Note that this step may vary depending on your company guidelines and policy.


Alternatively, it is possible to update the information on the Unify back-end. The process is as follows:

Note: As before, for the customers for which it is available, you can make the changes on the dev environment, and confirm with the customer before making the changes in production.
  1. Log in to the Unify back-end for the customer
  2. Go to Content > Data Stores > Sections
  3. Click on Edit > Check Out for the section that needs to be updated
  4. Update the requested content and click on Save
  5. Click on Edit > Check In
  6. Click on Edit > Activate this version



The changes should now appear correctly when viewing the page with a non-administrator user.



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