Script to open files InDesign failing from the Xinet server


A user has reported that they are using a custom script to open the Indesign file on the Xinet server for the automatic building of Indesign pages but it fails to open them after running the script.



A user was tagging all of the elements on the page so that when they copy the elements off of that document to another document, it holds onto the tagging info embedded in Indesign.

  • In order for the page to be tagged, it cannot be open anywhere else. The tagging is done at the file level and at the folder level.
  • When this script is run locally or on a non-Xinet file server (eg just a NAS) runs without any issues, but when it is run on the Xinet server it gives an error message.

The portion of the script that opens and tags InDesign files located in a folder works when pointed at a regular file server i.e. a non-Xinet server

 //only process indesign files
if(".indd") != -1){
if(myProcessFolder == true){//open the passed file reference
var myDocument =;

This is the standard command that is being used from within InDesign i.e. if a file ends in .indd
then open the file.

The error message says that:

  • The script found a file named ._XXXX.indd and when it tried to open it from within InDesign the error message further reported that the file by that name was either not an InDesign file, or that a plugin that supports the file format is not present, or that the file was open in another application.

It is hypothesized that the ._ might be indicative of one of Xinet's special files that might not be visible. That script excluded any file
ending in .indd" that starts with ._.



The issue was resolved by having the script ignore the temp and invisible files that were created by Xinet when the doc was opened.




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