End-user Cannot Access the OnBrand Portal/Dashboard


This article provides instructions for recreating a user's profile when correcting issues with accounts when a user cannot be activated, cannot log into the Onbrand Portal or are unable to access their brand dashboard. 




Access to the EUW VPN will be required for these steps as well as access to Passwordstate for usernames and passwords to the front-end and back-end sites.  The OnBrand/Unify Access Guide provides the information and steps required to obtain these prerequisites. 

When you have determined there is an issue with a user account profile, whether it is due to a user not appearing in the OnBrand front-end, the user is inactive or a user has a special character in their username causing permissions issues, follow the steps below.  

The Verifying, Activating and Deactivating a user article can be used to confirm user status or other options rather than deleting the account. 

If deleting the end-user account, verify with the customer that the user should be deleted. 


The cause for this is usually that the account in question has become corrupted or the special character in the username if there is one, has caused the profile to not be able to be updated.  The steps below will remove the corrupt user so the user can be recreated.

  1. Log in to the Unify back-end for your OnBrand instance.  
  2. Navigate to Users and Groups > User Realms.
  3. In the main section of the page, select one of the realms (usually combined) and click View from the Users column.  
  4. Enter the name or email of the required user in the search field and click Search.
  5. When the search results are displayed, confirm the circle icon next to the user is green, meaning activated.
  6. Once you locate it, click on the Delete button at the right.
  7. Once the user has been deleted, the user can then reregister to create their profile.
  8. The user can also be created from:
    Front-end under All Users with the Add User button. Permissions can also be assigned here when being created.  
    Back-end under Users and Groups > User Realms > the realm where your users are (usually combined) > Users > Create user button.  Permissions can also be assigned here when being created.  


Once the user in question is deleted and then recreated, the new user will be able to log in and access all areas they have permission for.  



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