Adding or Removing USArmy Users to the Monthly Server Downtime Distribution List


This article provides information about how to add/remove a USArmy user to/from the monthly server downtime list. 



When you need to add someone to the monthly server downtime distribution list, open a ticket with Northplains Support and be sure to provide the USArmy user's email address that you want to add when opening the ticket.  



A customer will request that a user be added to or removed from the monthly server downtime list. 

This operation is not handled by support, but is performed by the SaaS team, and is requested via a Jira ticket in the PLNP project as a SaaS Request.  

The name of the report and the user's email address are required as well as whether to add or remove from the distribution list.  

Ticket PLNP-32563 is an example of such a ticket.  




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