Which versions of Linux/Samba/Active Directory are supported in the future release of Xinet (2021)?


With the new release of Xinet in 2021, the support for Linux, Samba and Active Directory are being updated. Customer will also require the available documentation about regarding Samba integration and Active Directory integration with Xinet.



We are releasing support for Samba 4.12 on CentOS Linux 7.8 in our next planned release.

We may have an interim release announcement if Adobe 2021 plugins are finished and approved first, or if other urgent issues come up, but that is the current roadmap.



Here are the current Samba Versions Supported by Xinet.

Please follow the How to compile and install Samba from Source on documentation to install Samba.


Active Directory

For the AD integration documentation, you can refer to the one available in the portal, and in case you encounter any issues/errors for AD integrations that can be checked further.

How to configure FullPress and WebNative on OS X Server with Active Directory (656KB PDF file)

If you are running Xinet 17.0 or newer, specifically a 64-bit release, the 32bit libraries mentioned in the following document are no longer needed:


Also note that on RedHat Linux (at least 6.5, likely other versions), if you want to use "short names" to log in, the /etc/samba/smb/conf file must be edited to add this line:

   winbind use default domain = true

or change the "false" setting if the line already exists in the file.

How to configure FullPress and WebNative on Red Hat Linux ES 5 32bit/64bit with Active Directory (352KB PDF file)

How to configure FullPress and WebNative on Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard with Active Directory (568KB PDF file)


For any information on the specific release date for this version. Please contact your Account Manager.



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