Users cannot create a preview for a certain PPT document


When end users try to create a preview for a certain PPT document, they receive an error such as officesync: processing fileid or officesync: File too big. This issue was reproduced in the Xinet 2020.7 version.



By default, there is a 50MB limit for office previews, which can be changed by editing the config file located at: /usr/etc/venture/var/fpod.conf

Change this line:

20(60) $v/bin/officesync -fid$i -volflags$f

to be:

20(60) $v/bin/officesync -fid$i -volflags$f -maxmbsize XX

Where XX is the maximum number of megabytes (MB) that you want to allow.

Then, you'll have to kill -HUPed the fpod process to get it to read the new value.



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