Xinet Access Guide


This guide provides a list of required access rights for the newly trained agents starting to support Xinet. All agents have to receive all access rights below before being added to AWQ.



Common Access

Common Access


Active Directory Account

You should already have an Active Directory (referred to as AD for the rest of this article) account. If not, stop here and ask your direct manager (generally the person who hired you) to onboard you first.

Help Center (Knowledgebase)

Knowledgebase access for Xinet

Kerio VPN

Follow the instructions to download and install the Kerio VPN client. Kerio VPN might have problems in some systems, so if you are getting some errors, this step can be completed later. 


Product-specific access

Specific Access



You should already have access to the Devfactory JIRA issue tracking system with your AD credentials. Check if you can access the following projects:

If you cannot access Jira at all, or any of the projects mentioned above, you should create a ticket in the Service Request Fulfilment portal by posting a request to be added to the following AD groups:

  • RAM-Jira-Central-XINET-Support
  • RAM-Jira-Central-PLNP-Support

Partner Portal

 You will need to access this partner for downloading Xinet installers:

Licensing Portal

You will need to access the Licensing Portal to generate licenses:





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