Assigning and Correcting Permissions for Users in the OnBrand Portal


Users in OnBrand have to have permissions assigned to be able to have access to brand assets or have access to anything required in the OnBrand Portal.  There can also be times when a user's permissions are not working for their requirements.   This article provides instructions for admins to assign, correct and verify permissions for users. 




The user assigning the permissions must be an admin in the OnBrand portal.



Note:  The level of access by the user who is assigning the permissions is important for the reasons below as well as if assigning brand admin or global admin permissions to a user.   

Brand Admin:  Able to make changes to all sections in a particular brand's portal.

Global Admin: Able to make changes to all sections of the OnBrand portal, not tied to a particular brand. 

  1. Log into your OnBrand portal.
  2. Navigate to Admin and then to Users.
  3. In the search bar, type the user's name you want to change or apply permissions for and select search.
  4. Select the Edit User icon 021.png or select the username which will open the edit user page.
  5. Under permissions, you can select the brands and level of access for the brand that will be applied or verify a user's level of access.  If a user is having a permissions issue, compare the user's permissions with one who is not having the issue to verify the correct permissions.


  6. If you are having an issue with users and their permissions and cannot resolve it by editing these permissions, please open a ticket with Northplains Support.  When opening a ticket, please provide a couple of users who are having the issue as well as a user who is not.  


Access to the EUW VPN will be required for these steps as well as access to Passwordstate for usernames and passwords to the front-end and back-end sites.  The OnBrand/Unify Access Guide provides the information and steps required to obtain these prerequisites. 

The above steps work for the OnBrand page, the steps below work for the Unify back-end for group assignment.

  1. Log in to the customer's back-end environment.
  2. Navigate to User realms > Combined > Users and search for the user.
  3. Click edit to open the Edit User page.
  4. Under the Groups option, you can verify the groups the user is currently a part of as well as add new groups or remove existing groups.
  5. If troubleshooting a specific issue with user permissions, compare users who have the permissions issue with users who do not, in both the front end, as listed above, and the backend, as described in these steps.  If users with and without the issue are not submitted during ticket creation, request this information from the customer for comparison.  

  6. Save the changes.



Once the above changes have been made, have the user that was changed log out and log back into the OnBrand portal to verify their level of access.  


Log into the customer's Onbrand instance as the end-user, reset the customer's password if needed to test and send the new password according to the article, and verify access to the brand assets that the end-user should have according to the groups assigned.  

When logged in, select each brand the end-user has access to from the brands dropdown and verify assets are available.  




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