Using Collections to Organize Your Assets in Onbrand


This article explains what collections are, why they are needed, how they are created, and their types.

Using collections can help to organize assets that are uploaded to your OnBrand portal.  




You will need access to your current OnBrand portal.  


Collections are groups of assets or items within the OnBrand portal that can be grouped for any purpose.

Collections can assist with grouping assets by specific criteria and then sharing the subsequent groups of assets with selected users.    


Adding Assets to Collections

The following are the three ways to add assets to a collection:

  • By using the New Collection option in the Collections tab under the Assets section on the brand page.


  • By using the Add to Collection button on the asset display page. 


  • By selecting the assets in the search page, we get the Add to Collection link. 



Types of Collections

  • Private Collections: The collections that are owned by the creator and are not visible to the other users are called private collections.
  • Public Collections: These collections are visible to other users.
  • Invited Collections: These collections are shared by inviting other users.


Sharing Collections

To share a collection, please follow the steps below:

  1. On the collections page, there is a link to share collections, click it.


  2. A pop-up window will appear asking for the users with whom you want to share this collection, enter the usernames. You can also put an optional message for the user.


  3. Click on OK to share the collection. This would list the collection in the Invited Collections list of the user with whom you have shared the collection.




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